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This was a fun project I started quite a few years ago. I envisioned a fully featured Zelda™ game written in ActionScript for Flash.

Quick Start:

  • Turn on your sound!
  • Click once inside the Flash movie
  • Pressing 1-9 will toggle weapon (or mouse click)
    • HINT: Press 2, 3, and 4 to equip with some start-up items


  • Arrow keys move
  • S - Swing sword (once equipped)
  • A - Action (bomb, arrow, fire, boomerang, etc)
  • F - Run fast
  • T - Hold down + Arrow key to Turn-in-place

Developmental Controls:

  • N - Simulate new heart container + full life
  • H - Simulate walking up stairs to collect a life heart
  • S - When energy is full shoots sword


  • Try bombing cracked walls, moving blocks, or burning bushes
  • Try killing enemies with your sword or items
  • Try using bombs, the lantern, or even the fire-boomerang in the dark
  • Try going into doors (even secret entrances)
  • Try discovering both enemies, 6 items and all 11 rooms


  • There are bound to be a few...but hey, it's Beta!